Monday , October 18 2021


🔵 The most important difference between Super Laser Dashboard and other brands is the superb quality of the best parts used to make it and works in perfect weather conditions without fail.

🔴 Super Laser Dashboard Engine is more resistant to strong winds and has a more modest variation over the length of the year than the brands available on the market.

SuperLyser Smart Engine is more robust than other brands.

🔴 Super Laser Dishwasher Engine Designed to Fail Down to Zero. In SuperLiser engines, the parts are of the highest quality, and if necessary, these parts are easily found in the Iranian market.

🔵 Full compatibility without errors with all types of USALS and DiSEqC1.2 protocols with the highest accuracy and speed.

📡 Can be installed with a 120 cm dish

🛠 Easy installation with updated, accurate and step-by-step tutorials in Farsi, that anyone can easily install and repair super laser diesels. (Update 2018)

🔶 Super laser dyed rotor speed is 50% higher than other brands and models available on the market.

💰💸. Good price

Very low noise is another feature of the Super Laser Dashboard.

🔌 High resistance to fluctuations and electric shocks

⚙тей Compatibility with all receivers and anelabies available on the market

🏆 New and beautiful design with wrapping and engraving. Super laser logo and logo on metal frame.

 🎁 accompanied by a powerful super-laser antagonist

Other amazing features make the Super Laser Engine a professional choice.


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